Molinberry 10 ml



Molinberry Ⓡ is a brand of multipurpose concentrated flavourings dedicated to various industries including e-cigarette market. It was created based on combination of wide experience and vast knowledge of two companies: Sobucky Ltd and Chemnovatic. Knowing perfectly global market and understand the demands of individual and business customers, both companies went beyond expectations and created one of the best flavour range in Europe.

Molinberry flavours range is regularly expanded by new, unusual flavours divided into taste categories: SWEETS, MINTS, FRUITS, TOBACCO, DRINKS & M-LINE, ONE SHOTS, Raspberry Revolution


What’s M-line?

M-line is a unique range of ONE SHOT complex flavours composed of various notes that make perfect and ready to mix formulas. Cool and refreshing blends, pampering fruit compositions and creamy mixtures. This line will take you on a journey of discovery, to craft your own premium e-liquids using range of blended concentrates. M-line guarantees variety of diverse experiences with each drop. 


Over 100 flavors available in the palette from which everyone find their all day taste.

Molinberry 10 ml

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